Youth Creation Nepal (YCN-Nepal) is a not-for-profit, non-political, humanitarian organization and is not affiliated with any religious group or organization. It is registered as an NGO in Nepal with the motives of furthering development activities for the needy children and women's sector of Nepal and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. YCN is dedicated to providing education, healthcare and love in a safe home-style environment for the poor, needy, orphaned and abandoned children, giving school support for the children from poor economic families, offering hearing treatments for those with hearing losses, granting financial assistance to start small businesses, training inessential skills for jobs, as well as, arranging a unique opportunity for people from around the world to get involved in social work. We are working from 2005 to till now at Nepal.


Youth Creation Nepal is a legally registered organization under the act of 2034. Every social procedures and works are also dominated under the rules and regulations of the organization. The main motto of our organization is directly related in the field of education, environment, human rights, touch ability system, HIV Aids, vulnerable as well as conflict tortured groups, Holy places and promote tourism industry.

We should move ahead to adopt the above main agendas to circulate the social system in all areas. As we evoke our voice for the right development of religious places, lower class people as well as ethnic groups and assimilate them in the mainstream to maintain their historical norms. So, we are doing such kinds of typical social phenomena for the betterment of people all over the world.


  1. It is non-profitable, non-governmental people support organization.
  2. To operate the awareness program for the protection of human rights and its real meaning.
  3. To conduct the awareness program for the protection of the environment under the national slogan “ Green Forest Nepal ’s Wealth.”
  4. To increase the production rate, which should give scientific and practical training and invent the new technical system.
  5. We should research the different places of Nepal to introduce its importance all over the world. For promoting the life standards of conflict-tortured communities, we will arrange different activities.
  6. We should conduct the awareness programs in the field of health service and controlling ideas of HIV AIDS.
  7. For maintaining the life style of poor and uneducated people we conduct several awareness programs in the field of education.
  8. To protect and maintain the art, cultures and religion, we conduct the related awareness programs.
  9. We help the disable people to maintain their standards about the system for “not to give love but opportunity.”
  10. We should research the chosen successful people and their life style for providing mysterious hints about their success.
  11. We conduct the training programs for personality development.
  12. To organize the cleanliness related awareness programs for the development of social system.
  13. We should conduct the different awareness programs to introduce Nepal and Nepalese people for helping the poor worldwide.
  14. We have to deal in every areas for controlling the corruption and its effect.
  15. To protect the rights of women, we will conduct awareness programs.

Our Team

  1. President – Mr Shiba Prasad Chaulagain.
  2. Vice president- Ms Indu Chaulagain
  3. Secretary- Madhav Mani Gautam.
  4. Treasurer- Sirjana Achrya


  1. Dhurba Parasad Chaulagain
  2. Deepika Upreti